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I had several requests for more images from my time in this late Ottoman Mosque - Valide Sultan Mosque.  The last image in this series that I posted was among one of the most interesting details.  From a private room of the Sultan on the upper floor there was a strategically placed skylight with a direct view of one of the minarets. This allowed the Sultan to be the first informed that it was time to break the daily fast during Ramadan. I was fascinated with this architectural detail that had such a specific function to serve the Ruler of the Empire.  Wonderful to see the mosque in detail and gain insight into some of these more obscure corners.

There is some archeological restoration going on under the mosque.  There was a large photo and information board by the mosque with photographs of the progress of this excavation and the upper edges of large earthen jars that held lamp oil were visible at the surface.  This part of the mosque was not open to the public so I will have to return in a year or two and see what sort of progress has been made.


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